Hart v Hart: what led the court to order the ultimate sanction?

Anyone reading that John Hart, an 83-year-old man with prostate cancer, had been sent to prison by a High Court judge might naturally raise an eye-brow in surprise.

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Bloom v Bloom: The risks of failing to provide full and frank disclosure in financial remedy proceedings

Bloom v Bloom concerned the applicant wife’s application that judgments in the financial remedy proceedings, where the respondent husband had been found to have defrauded her parents, should be published un-anonymised.

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Villiers v Villiers: An Update

Michal Horton and Alex Laing, both of Coram Chambers, report on the latest developments in a case that has attracted widespread attention in the press.

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International child abduction proceedings: key points to note from the latest President's guidance

On 13 March 2018, a new practice direction was issued by the President concerning Case Management and Mediation of International Child Abduction Proceedings.

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Speech by Sir James Munby: Changing families – family law yesterday, today and tomorrow – a view from south of the Border

In the year when we are commemorating the centenary of the extension of the franchise to women – though only to some women – it is perhaps useful to start what I have to say by looking at the state of English family law a 100 years ago.

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Speech by Lord Justice McFarlane: Contact: a point of view

In opening today’s conference, which is focused upon the topic of ‘contact’, I have been invited to express a point of view and I wish to do so by highlighting three separate topics: adoption, contact in adoption and intractable private law disputes.

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Cohabitation conundrum: extending civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples

Last month, the issue of extending rights for unmarried opposite-sex couples was debated enthusiastically in the House of Commons, as the Civil Partnerships, Marriages & Deaths (Registration Etc) Bill moved unopposed to the next stage of its passage through Parliament.

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Decrees in multiple EU jurisdictions: Mensah v Mensah

Mensah v Mensah [2018] EWHC 484 (Fam) is an interesting recent decision pertaining to the Brussels II Regulation (BIIR) and specifically the recognition of a French divorce order.

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Care proceedings and Article 5 ECHR

James Goudie QC examines a recent judgment of the President of the Family Division in relation to care proceedings and the right to liberty and security under Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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Jurisdiction to make an interim order for the sale of a former matrimonial home

Sheena Cassidy examines the decision in WS v HS which considers the power of the family courts to make an interim order for sale in circumstances where s 22ZA of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (MCA 1973) does not apply.

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Lawyers, Legal Language and Fact-finding Hearings under Part IV of the Children Act 1989

David Bedingfield, barrister of 4 Paper Buildings, discusses what lessons can be learned from the Court of Appeal's judgment in R (Children) [2018] EWCA Civ 198.

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Deprivation of liberty and administration of medication by a local authority to a child

Louise McCallum and Emily Ross consider the case of T (A Child: Care Order: Beyond Parental Control: Deprivation of Liberty: Authority to Administer Medication), which dealt with issues of deprivation of liberty and administration of medication by a local authority to a child.

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